The Arundel Historical society is a registered 501c3 organization qualified for tax deductable donations.



  • The Arundel Historical Society has the following educational purposes and community-based goals:
  • to provide a mechanism whereby Arundel’s rich heritage can be preserved, especially as regards information provided by long-time residents and  families;
  • to provide a location and means by which various records and artifacts can be preserved and made available to interested members of the community;
  • to assist interested members of the community in locating information regarding their own family’s heritage;
  • to foster a connection between Arundel’s community members and Arundel’s history; and to renew and reinforce Arundel’s sense of community.



Jake Hawkins……President
Suzanne Madore……Vice President
Donna der Kinderen……Treasurer
Joanne DeWitt……Secretary
Richard Ganong……Clerk
Dana Peck……Director
Marie LeMay.....Director


The members of the Arundel Historical Society recognize that Arundel has a long and unique history.  As the town grows and changes, we run the risk of much of that heritage being forever lost.

Many parts of our history are available as physical artifacts: photographs, maps, letters and memoirs, tools, and things made by local people.  Other, and perhaps more precious, aspects of our heritage lie in the memories of our long-time residents and the stories they can tell us.  We will be unfortunate indeed if we do not capture and record those pieces of our past.  The AHS is committed to doing just that.



The AHS meets regularly once each month and occasionally more often as we work on specific projects or events.  Some of our time is spent planning fund-raising activities and building our membership base. 

We also arrange opportunities for Arundel residents to share their memories and experiences growing up and living in our town.

In addition, we publish a newsletter, Yore Connection, to keep our members informed about progress, issues, and coming events.