• receive Yore Connection
  • access to our accumulated historical records and artifacts
  • assistance in researching personal or general historical information


AHS Membership Application

I would like to become an AHS member at this time.  In addition to receiving Yore Connection, I will receive all other member benefits including  access to AHS accumulated historical records/artifacts, and assistance in researching personal or general historical information.

Name:     ____________________________________________________

Address:  ____________________________________________________    


Phone:    ____________________________________________________

e-mail:     ____________________________________________________

Date:      ____________________________________________________


I would like to participate by:
[check all that apply]

 __________  attending regular meetings

 __________  helping with AHS events

 __________  donating baked goods for events

 __________  selling items, e.g. May fund-raising calendar

 __________  raising funds for the North Chapel Common

 __________  locating documents, e.g. photos, deeds, birth/death/marriage certificates

 __________  providing personal recollections

 __________  other: (please specify)     

Annual Dues

Family______ $25 

I do not care to become a member at this time.


However, I would like to show my support by donating $ ___________________.


 Please send your check to:


Arundel Historical Society
c/o Jake Hawkins 
6 Talbot Drive
Arundel, ME  04046