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Mission Statement


The Arundel Historical Society has the following educational purposes and community-based goals:

  • to provide a mechanism whereby Arundel’s rich heritage can be preserved, especially as regards information provided by long-time residents and families;
  • to provide a location and means by which various records and artifacts can be preserved and made available to interested members of the community;
  • to assist interested members of the community in locating information regarding their own family’s heritage;
  • to foster a connection between Arundel’s community members and Arundel’s history; and
  • to renew and reinforce Arundel’s sense of community.


Proposal and Request for Financial Support/Donations




In order to meet the goals delineated in our mission statement, the Arundel Historical Society is proposing to establish a site where:

  • two Arundel farmhouses and a barn, all over 200 years old, will be preserved;
  • the Arundel Historical Society can house, preserve, and display photographs,documents, and artifacts of local historical significance;
  • Society members and others can gain access to genealogical and historicalinformation; and
  • a building modeled after the North Chapel Church will be constructed, to serveas a place for community groups, including the historical society, to meet andhost events.


The following document provides details regarding the history of the two farmhouses and the families that built and occupied them as well as a summary of the Society’s intended approach to this important project.




The purpose of this document is to request support from a variety of donors. The initial phase of the project is estimated to cost $210,400, with additional monies required following the completion of that phase. We will require support both in the form of cash and donated services.


The Arundel Historical Society is grateful for any consideration you or your organizationcan give our project and any support you are able to provide.


The project ...