Who lived in the North Chapel neighborhood in 1850?


Census records from 1850 indicate the occupants of some of the homes in the North Chapel neighborhood:




Rufus Lunt



b: 1784


Albert Lunt


   b: 1813   

John Lunt


   b: 1795
  Ruth b: 1791 Sophia b: 1813 Sarah b: 1832
  Elizabeth b: 1825 Josephine b: 1842 Susan b: 1834
  Jonathan S. b: 1831 Juliett b: 1940 John W. b: 1836
Charlotte b: 1839
        Lydia K. b: 1842

Samuel Lunt


b: 1825

Jesse Green


b: 1808

Edmund Currier


b: 1797
Mary J. b: 1828 Hannah b: 1823 Susan b: 1799
Ruth b: 1848 Austin b: 1840 Hannah b: 1821
Nathaniel b: 1824

Phineas McIntire


b: 1790

Jothom L. Cleaves


b: 1802 Sarah b: 1826
Marcia b: 1797 Susan b: 1803 Susan b: 1829
George b: 1826 Albert b: 1830 Lucinda b: 1832
Oliver b: 1831 Orville b: 1836 Lydia L. b: 1834
Daniel b: 1833 Erving J. b: 1838 Maria b: 1841
 King b: 1835
Calvin b: 1838



Bold type indicates the head of the household.

The names below are other household members listed from oldest to youngest.

We know very little about the Green, Cleaves, and McIntire families.

If any of you can provide any information about them or others families in the area, we would appreciate it!