Arundel Historical Society



Thanks to the generosity of many individuals, businesses, organizations, and our members, we were able to establish a monument to honor all of Arundel’s veterans.  Such a memorial was long overdue given Arundel citizens’ roles in founding and protecting our country.


In the process of planning for this memorial, we were provided with the names of a number of Arundel veterans.  We know there are many more who have served our country, but whose names we do not have.  The AHS is in the process of compiling a list of as many Arundel veterans as possible to be maintained as an “Honor Roll”.  If you are a veteran, or know of one, please provide us with some information about yourself or that veteran so we can add the name and time of service to the list.


We would like to include both veterans who were Arundel residents at the time of service as well as other current Arundel residents who have served.  Please indicate below if the veteran was or was not a resident at the time of service.  Keep in mind that we are also very interested in information about Arundel veterans from the past.  If your Arundel ancestors served at any time, please tell us what you know about their service.  Please use a separate form for each veteran!


Download the form by clicking on this link.